Central Indiana’s haunted houses are becoming high-tech enterprises, incorporating everything from holograms to 3D imagery — although you’ll still encounter plenty of old-school clowns, hellacious hillbillies and masked men wielding chainsaws. In the mood for a scare? Here are 10 local places to try.

8. Indy Scream Park

5211 S. New Columbus Road, Anderson; (317) 218-9515; indyscreampark.com

Indy Scream Park is six attractions in one: five haunted houses and one midway with food, games and fire pits. If you’re not scared by its typical haunted houses, Brickmore Asylum and Nachtmahr, try the experience of 3D terror at Bedlam. Brave visitors can also explore Infected, a cornfield populated by zombies, and Backwoods, a half-mile trail through a forest of crazed killers.

  • New this year: A revamped 3D experience at Bedlam, making it scarier than ever.
  • Best if you’re afraid of: “Deliverance.”
  • Ticket price: $25 to $45.

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