As we creep closer to Oct. 31, Indianapolis’ nightlife gets a lot more ghoulish, with more than our fair share of Halloween haunted houses, concerts and performances ranging from fun to frightening. So which door is right for you?

We’ve prepared this year’s Indy Living Dead Top 10, so your head isn’t on the chopping block when it comes time to decide where to go get haunted.

Indy Scream Park

Why scream here? No matter your fear – the criminally insane, clowns, Germans, murderous rednecks or medical quarantine – it’ll be addressed at Indy Scream Park. Possibly the biggest and baddest of all haunted attractions in the state, Indy Scream Park has its terrifying act together. The Anderson site is loaded with five uniquely grotesque haunts, each aiming to spook that scared little child inside you in a different way. Terrified by the (wildly politically incorrect) notion that insane asylums house all the violent crazies? Check out Scream Park’s latest, Brickmore Asylum. Freaked out by all the talk of chemical and biological warfare? Be the last one without a gas mask in Infected. Fear the inbred, ax-wielding family that lives outside of town? Meet the folks in Backwoods. 

To see the full Indy Living Dead Top 10 list, visit the gallery.