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Brickmore Asylum, opened in 1902 by the U.S. Department of Mental Health, is home to the country’s most vicious lunatics and criminals.

Brickmore Asylum has historically experienced an abnormally high “patient death rate”. Federal Judge Cornelius Hodges once said, “Brickmore Asylum is a slaughterhouse, and the warden its head butcher. I wouldn’t be surprised if the warden is creating cannibals within his institution…”

Visitors are seldom allowed inside Brickmore Asylum due to Warden Stockmeyer’s belief in “mental contamination” which the warden defines as, “the rapid spread of insanity from extremely insane patients to visitors.” In fact, many visitors who insist on entering Brickmore Asylum are permanently committed to the institution during their visit.

Warden Stockmeyer has been able to cut costs over the years by replacing nurses and other staff with “mentally corrected patients” capable of “varying levels of responsibility.” Warden Stockmeyer once said, “The perfect mental asylum is one that has no cost to the taxpayer. It has taken me nearly 40 years, but I have achieved my goal of a patient run asylum.” In fact, the only official employee of Brickmore Asylum is Warden Stockmeyer himself.

Recently, footage was discovered in a wooded area 1 mile from Brickmore Asylum. It appears to show the final moments before Emily Green, a student from the Ball State School of Investigative Journalism, went missing from her dorm room. The video also appears to show some of the most unimaginable conditions within the asylum, including a massive “Tesla” torture device outlawed decades ago.

Local authorities believe the entire event is a hoax, and refuse to investigate or step foot into Brickmore Asylum.

It’s unclear if anyone will take Emily Green’s story seriously and investigate Brickmore Asylum. But, more importantly, it’s doubtful whether they’ll make it out with the truth.

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