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Indy Star Logo Review From Indy Star


Justin Jacobs, Indy Star Correspondent 

"Why scream here? No matter your fear — the criminally insane, clowns, Germans, murderous rednecks or medical quarantine — it'll be addressed at Indy Scream Park.


"Possibly the biggest and baddest of all haunted attractions in the state, Indy Scream Park has its terrifying act together. The Anderson site is loaded with five uniquely grotesque haunts, each aiming to spook that scared little child inside you in a different way. Terrified by the (wildly politically incorrect) notion that insane asylums house all the violent crazies? Check out Scream Park's latest, Brickmore Asylum. Freaked out by all the talk of chemical and biological warfare? Be the last one without a gas mask in Infected. And, of course, who could forget the fear of the inbred, ax-wielding family that lives far outside of town? Meet the folks in Backwoods."


Indy Scream Park Reviews Reviews From Yelp


Angela M. , Indianapolis, IN Indy Scream Park Reviews

"Always a good time. With several different hauntings it is never boring. Well worth the price. Haven't been this year but definitely wanna opt-in to the new hands on part."


Gtv R. Bloomington, IN  

"Quite a long drive (2 hours for me) but definitely worth the trip. Five separate areas total, each one with their own unique theme. Overall tone of each area varies from thrilling, creepy, and hectic mayhem, enough variety and pacing to keep things from seeming repetitive. Expect long lines as the Halloween holiday nears (and with Halloween being on a Saturday this year, if you have the money go with the VIP pass for sure for little to no wait)."


Nuvo Logo Small Review From Nuvo - Indy's Alternative Voice


Mark A. Lee, Nuvo Correspondent Indy Scream Park Reviews

"A gay guy and his female friend walk into a haunted house: Guess who screamed like a girl while his "friend" laughed at him the entire time? Fine. You caught me! Anderson's Indy Scream Park (5211 S. New Columbus Road, Anderson) is well worth both the drive and the price.

"Six attractions are included with a ticket, and I'd recommend paying the extra $10 online for a VIP ticket, which gives you front of the line access to all of the attractions. Their newest attraction is the Brickmore Asylum, where attention to detail is astounding, and the actors take their job very, very seriously.

"Out of all of the attractions, the most unsettling is Bedlam 3D. You're given 3D glasses to wear, which have a tendency to disorient you in the first place. Then they add in a bunch of scary clowns. Thankfully, emergency exits are within 50 feet at all times. (I did not make use of any of the emergency exits - I'm not that gay! But I may have told a zombie or two that my female friend had more meat on her bones than I do.)

"The outdoor Infected attraction takes a close second in terms of its fear factor. Flames light up the sky as you approach the home of a demented woman who is looking forward to making you her next meal.

"There's also a Monster Midway, where you can play Casketball, or have your photo taken with your favorite monster. Plus food, beer and Tarot card readings."


Indy Scream Park Reviews Reviews From Google Plus


Jill Bennett (Google Plus User) Indy Scream Park Reviews

"We went to Indy scream Park this weekend and it was head and shoulders above any other haunted house we've been to. We really enjoyed the 3D one and the more traditional one and the trail was quite scary. We even enjoyed sitting and watching people while drinking a beer. y only suggestion is get there early or buy the VIP. The lines got wicked long. It was fun, scary and a good atmosphere. We cant wait until next year."


Google Plus User Indy Scream Park Reviews

"Fantastic and well worth the money! Kurayami was my favorite, and I really loved Infected as well. My husband got a major case of the heebie-jeebies from Backwoods. :) Some tips before you go - The website has a $4 coupon for VIP tickets. The VIP tickets are great if you come on a Fri/Sat or later on Sun/Thurs. Bring Cash, their ATM charges $3.85 for each transaction."


Indy Scream Park Reviews Reviews From Facebook


Jaime Robbins (Facebook User)

"So much fun with the VIP pass! The guys in Nachtmahr were the best last night especially in the meat cleaver room (whoa, there were so many!! Thanks to the guy that followed us around for awhile). Also, the infected guy wearing fatigues running at us from the house in the Infected was terrifying. Thanks for the laughs and the screams. The monsters and the scenes (asylum!) were amazing!"


Wendy Knotts (Facebook User)

"We had a blast! Would have loved to slow down to see more of the work that they have put into this. We were all skkeeerrrreed!"


Indy Scream Park Reviews Review From


Staff at

"Our number 1 spot on the Top 13 Haunted Houses in the USA goes to Indy Scream Park Haunted House. Though a relative newcomer to the scene, Indy Scream Park came right out the door with a bang. The Indy Scream Park Haunted House actually has 5 separate attractions, each fully embracing a different kind of fear, then pull it all together with a midway while you wait. And while the place is close enough to Indianapolis to be easily reachable, it’s still removed enough that sirens or sounds of the city aren’t even close to a problem. But the big reason these guys land at number one isn’t just because of the variety and location. It’s their commitment. Like their Bedlam 3D haunted house, which is all about the mental creepiness. It balances mental scares with disorientation scares, and throws in a few startles for good measure. All of it with custom video clips specially made for the house. Their Nachtmahr haunted house covers 6,000 square feet, and is where their big set pieces get to shine. The various rooms and themes switch out, but include things like spinning bridges and carefully planned animatronics. Their attention to detail here is incredible, making sure every last spot is done perfectly. Their “go big or go home” style is everywhere on the 2 outdoor haunted houses: One a terror-filled corn maze, and the other a war-torn zombie/post-apocalyptic area. Rather than stick with a bunch of scary tall plants, they add in a dozen cabins and scary monsters running around the half-mile maze with you. And for the zombie/post-apocalyptic area they go all out to really create that feeling of being there as everything goes to hell. Their fifth haunted house starting 2013 is an entirely new feature from the ground up called Brickmore Asylum. Pulling off an asylum haunted house is all about having the correct combination of details, props, actors, and planning. Fortunately, these guys have that in spades. The big shining thing about these guys is their follow through on every level. The actors stay in character, the haunted houses are finished to the last detail, and they don’t settle for half measures, even down to their waiting area midway. Rather than leave it at a single concessions stand, they’ve got games, huge fire pits, a beer garden, and monsters wandering around. Good things to note: You can get tickets online, both general admission and VIP to skip the line. Parking is $5, but you can also get a parking pass when you buy your tickets to make it easier. If you’re going to use credit cards, buy your tickets online, since at the actual Scream Park they only accept cash. Fortunately, there are ATMs right there."