Haunted House Indy Scream Park


Indy Scream Park - Infected Haunted House - Indianapolis Haunted House

Shortly after the landing of a large meteorite in a farmer's corn field, an unexplained phenomenon began to make the locals act… peculiar. Reports of their aggressive and irrational behavior caught the attention of the authorities and a special government "containment team" was deployed to “study, analyze and - most importantly - quarantine."


Copies of their recently obtained mission orders reveal that, "Rescue is NOT a priority..."


However, shortly after their arrival, contact with the government containment team was lost and the worst is now suspected. Government officials are now considering their options to "contain" the property and persons who have been "infected", with plans being proposed to "cleanse" the area completely.


Enter the cornfield, government facilities and farm house to learn for yourself what happened and what's causing this mysterious "infection.